they’re gonna eat me alive if i stumble

i didnt know you liked ohshc!

yup!! it was one of my fave shows in middle school (tho i don’t know anyone who has a problem with ohshc!)
i liked kaoru the most then but i think now i like tamaki more


commission of ava’s demon for the lovely rainbowsqueeze UwU

thank you sooo much, this was so much fun to do, and your comic is super great!!


☾ Seadweller ancestors ☽


if you hate kanaya:

  • why

hi i’m anon and this is jackass
insults someone
insists that i’m being rational and that any rightful backlash is uncalled for


This is one of the more magical places I’ve visited so far during my stay in Washington. Ruby beach! Rocks for days. For days.

i told my lil sister that i was married to the handmaid and she said “dangit!”


mmm  mm mmMMake it happen!

i’m almost done with the lego movie which has been enjoyable in it of itself idk i just wish that the obvious target audience was little kids instead of little boys