a group of dead megidos

a super super cute new friend from amber !! i’m just sobbing this lil ram is the actual cutest gives amber 945804 kisses ; o;!!


I am a fan of my physical appearance today

are you fucking kidding me

are you fucking kidding me


i lied


now would be a good time to post these cosplay pictures from a con that occurred like 3 MONTHS AGO lmao


small lil nsfw handmaid under the cut ha h a..

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i had never considered condmain but then you came along aND RUINED MY LIFE (ps you could be an actual model 4 real like holy wow)

THAT’S THE BEST NEWS I’VE HEARD ALL NIGHT ANON U HAVE NO IDEA !!! that’s all i could ever want i’m so glad weeps
i’ll do my best to draw it more so u don’t have to suffer with me and have very little content for it!

but oh my gosh thank you sobs ; w;